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.National Energy Services Limited (NESL) is a company incorporated in Bangladesh rendering comprehensive human resource solutions to energy, construction and manufacturing industries of Bangladesh. We recruit across various verticals for multinational corporations as well as leading business houses of the country..NESL now invites applications from competent candidates for the post of Chemist for employment with our prospective clients working in oil and gas industry.


  • Bachelor`s degree in Chemistry, Applied chemistry or chemistry-related major. Master`s in chemistry ...


  • The position will be responsible for perform day to day technical laboratory analysis of a natural gas plant. The position requires working on non-routine tasks (sampling and analysis) requested by operations, maintenance, or any other department. The position is dynamic and requires a mix of laboratory and analytical skills depending on the operations requirement. Candidate must maintain a high degree of independence and responsibility, and accountability in planning and reporting laboratory ex
  • Responsibilities for this position may include but are not limited to:
  • Analytical laboratory operations services are but not limited to:
  • Sampling of Natural gas, condensate, water, ethylene glycol, TEG, Lube oil and process fluids.
  • Monitoring integrity of sample during sampling of process and non-process fluids done by operations personnel.
  • Calibration and maintenance of analytical equipment (like - GC, GC MS, ICP, IC, KF coulometer, Potentiometer, etc.).
  • Perform Natural gas analysis: dew point test, gas composition, heating value & specific gravity (SG) as per ASTM methods.
  • Perform Natural gas condensate analysis as per ASTM methods: Simulated distillation, API gravity, SG, BS&W.
  • Perform pH, Conductivity, turbidity, alkalinity, Hardness, TDS, TSS, Chloride, TPH, anions, cations, Dissolve oxygen, BOD, COD, and other parameters of water as per ASTM, EPA, APHA or domestic methods.
  • Perform test for Glycol (MEG & TEG).
  • Perform Lube oil test.
  • Data archiving and report preparation for internal & external stakeholders.
  • Inventory management.
  • Prepare All reagents and standardize as per methods.
  • Sample bottle & glassware cleaning, labeling and preparedness.
  • Proper housekeeping & cleanness at desk and workplace.


  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Applied chemistry or chemistry-related major. Master's in chemistry will be an advantage but not essential.
  • 1 to 3 year(s)
  • 1-2 years of Laboratory experience.
  • Fluent in computer operating skill with MS office, internet browser and email communication.
  • Knowledge on Laboratory safety (chemical handling safety, PPE, SDS, emergency response etc.) and industrial safety.
  • Very good communication skill in both Bengali & English.

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